About Me

If you’re into fearless grunge, daring boho, intense tattoos, bold lipsticks…and moves…keep scrolling!

Fashion stylist and editor, I was lucky enough to experience fashion from many different angles. Lately as a contributing editor on Larmoire De Lana fashion blog, previously as a fashion editor at U magazine and marketing coordinator at Basil Soda and Rabih Kayrouz’s fashion house.

And NO. This is not another fashion blog, but more like a digital diary and online portfolio of a girl who’s trying to make it in the fashion world. In this website, I translate oodles of passion, enthusiasm and creativity into articles covering my styling projects and catwalk reports,

Not to forget my humble interpretation of this artistically inspiring world with all the stimulation you get from beautifully produced movies and that rush you get when listening to beautifully composed music.

Keep your coffees hot and your eyes wide open for some serious fashion damage!



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