Quiet but Powerful Denim Looks.

effortless fashion, quiet but powerful, less is more, minimalism is the key, and many other words and descriptions were stated by designers and editors and attributed to minimalism.

While the term previously used to describe clothes as ‘almost nothing’ or encourages ‘nudity’, it does currently indicates a simple way of dressing; monochromatic looks, t-shirt and jeans, dress and a simple leather jack… and so on.

Today, because my whole inspiration evolves around denim, I have gathered in this article few ‘haute-tips’ that will help you flaunt an effortless simple look and inspiration from Lebanese bloggers you surely follow by now.

First, it’s important to mention that he key to a successful minimal look is keeping it simple, because simple is just better, it’s how you truly look effortless. Then, I couldn’t stress enough on the importance of ignoring some trends that you think would not look good on your body, being a trend-blinded person is a big faux-pas towards effortless chic looks. Boyfriend jeans and over sized jackets for example, do not suit everyone, so know and cherish your body type by dressing it with the right garment.

On another note, a staple in creating your looks is following the color-rule, which means only wearing three colors or print at a time, this rule will make it easier for you to piecing together your look. Experiment with the world of layering, which is my favorite thing to work around, try adding a denim shirt under your little black dress or draping a denim outwear over your shoulders.

I will let my favorite denim picks from my favorite bloggers do the talk! Get inspired by Karen Wazen, Dana Hourani, Rita Lamah, Lana El Sahely (larmoiredelana), Tracy Ghazal, Souzana Baradie, Elsa Osta (Elsa.olaccessoire) and Sunsetdeamor sisters.



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