87,263 steps closer to fashion at Jamaloukicon.

Because I have literally walked 87.263 steps at Biel while attending Jamaloukicon which took place on the 27,28,29th of April; a three days convention that was one of the biggest fashion festivals I have attended in Lebanon so far.

What’s better than satisfying your creative hunger with delusional fashion treats and trends at different stops around Biel, from Lebelik’s, Debi R’s, Rayane Bacha’s, Dian Ferjan’s and Esposa’s pit stops to NYX, Naked, Diego Dallapama, Le ciel, and many other cosmetics stands as well.

Attending Jamaloukicon’s conferences was the best amusing way to learn more about the industry experts, connect and network with like minded people.

I fell in love with him and his creations before I even had the chance be part of his team at his Beirut atelier, in a conversation with Fifi Abou Dib, Rabih Kayrouz speaks about the start of his fashion career vis a vis the political state of Lebanon and how it is interesting yet challenging to get inspired by all the changes and events around you, grow in non-stable economical and social situations and use the negative and threatening events to produce and create more.

Moving on to another favorite creator, Indian designer Manish Arora with Eugenie Niarchos (must check her jewelry line: Venyx) in a very fun conversation with Noor Fares speaking of how inspiration is all around us and how to manipulate colors to create stories and creative vibrations.

Another interesting panel that took place at Jamaloukicon is the Elie Saab initiative named ” The girl of now” with blogger Kristina Bazan, founder & CEO of ‘Vensette’, Lauren Remington Platt ( private network of hair and make up artists offering their services on demand in many countries). Kristina and Lauren gave attendees a chance to hear their personal tales and conquests that got them to the top and how to climb the ladder on your current career track.

Victoria’s secret model Sara Sampaio left the crowd entertained, informed and inspired, speaking with Rima Maktabi about the industry’s game changers and fundamentalists.

Last but not least, my all time favorite, Lana El Sahely alongside Hussein Bazaza and Rami Kadi address every aspect of business in the creative space and how to create and cultivate your brand from scratch, how to connect your brand with new technologies practical insights and best practices and how to respond to challenges and opportunities.

Here are some of my snaps at Jamaloukicon.

till the next one!



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