Harness Your Fashion Sense 101

and your thoughts too.

Don’t get too far with that imagination.

Because harnesses were firstly introduced to the fashion scene in the Spring 2010 of ‘Comme Des Garcons’ collection and they were later on put on sale at Topshop and spotted on celebrities like Ciara and Rihanna.

I personally think the fashion community stopped shying away from accepting this bold statement as a trendy accessory after the famous start of ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ books and movies were out in the public.

The body harness is a sexy glamorous silhouette-defining piece that’s been making a hit on the runways and that can instantly turn any outfit to he next level of provocative.

Leather accessories have been usually associated with BDSM but they became a must have when designers like Alexander Mcqueen and Balmain added those hints of bondage to their runways.

I personally gravitate towards them for their craftsmanship and because they force simplicity. So if you chose to wear one, opt for a minimal simple look with classic colors.

Get inspired by my favorite street style ‘harness picks’ and give this accessory a try or two… on the streets!




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