In Other Words

Enjoy reading Christopher Poindexter poems I associated with each picture for this photo shoot…

Photography Elie Abi Habib

Art Direction Ramy Saad

you know what
truly aches all
that you are?
Having so much inside you
and not having the
slightest clue
of how to pour
it out

find your freedom,
and breath there.
drink there.
love there.

-Christopher Poindexter

We all at times
are a little dead inside
we can only wish with the
utmost belief that someone will
love us enough to keep
placing flowers upon the
graves in our hearts.
-Christopher Poindexter

Tonight I drink,
I am not sure yet what for
But there is always something.
Something that needs numbing.
Life is too often unbearable and
too little of the time tender.
It greets us at our doorstep
every morning with a pen
and a gun.
it says;
“here, you be creative,”
as if it is some sort of joke,
as if we have some sort of
control.-Christopher Poindexter
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